We offer a variety of services which are carried out by professional, equipped and motivated personnel. Our range of services includes design, installation and repair of:

Access Control

From the basic put-pin-to-enter to network operated Multi-door, 100 000 user Bio-metric (finger print) systems, operated from remote locations (Internet to GSM Systems). Gate motors and Boom gates for homes to Golf Estates.


- Physiological- face, fingerprint, hand and iris
- Behavioural- keystroke, signature and voice

Benefits of a biometric system
- Increased security measures
- Reduce costs of password and ID card maintenance
- Ability to track employees and link activities
- Faster login time
- Improved security of sensitive information
- Time and attendance

Intercom Systems

- Hard wired, wireless, GSM and VOIP systems

Automatic boom barrier and spike barrier

Automatic barrier offers efficient security at the exit and the entry points of factories, office complexes, corporate, houses, residential buildings, parking lots, toll tax plazas or any road – way entry where medium to heavy traffic is expected.
- Improves security
- Control the flow of traffic
- Save money on security expenses

CCTV Surveillance systems

From ‘plug and play’ to the latest in high-speed dome, motion-tracking, IP cameras to the basic Digital Video Recorder (DVR). From the most advanced, Analytics DVR, able to recognize faces, number plates, objects lost, direction of merchandise etc. to local viewing and remote viewing (Internet based or Local Area Network), for homes to casinos. Dome CCTV Camera: Dome CCTV Cameras are most commonly used for indoor security and surveillance applications. Bullet CCTV Camera: Bullet CCTV Cameras are often used in applications that require long distance viewing. Day/Night CCTV Camera The camera is ideal for outdoor surveillance applications, where Infrared CCTV cameras cannot function optimally. Infrared/Night Vision CCTV Camera: These night-vision CCTV cameras have the ability to see images in pitch black conditions using Infrared LEDs and are ideal in outside conditions where lighting is poor to zero. Network/IP CCTV Camera: These cameras, both hardwired and wireless, transmit images over the Internet, often compressing the bandwidth so as not to overwhelm the web. Wireless CCTV Camera: Not all wireless cameras are IP-based. Some wireless cameras can use alternative modes of wireless transmission. High-Definition HD CCTV Camera HD security cameras, also known as HD CCTV cameras and HD over Coax cameras, are capable of capturing high definition video surveillance footage. Thermal Camera: Thermal cameras are ideal for industrial applications including process control, critical component or vessel monitoring, and even early fire detection.


Alarm Systems

Inside and Outside detection at residential and industrial areas.

Wired Alarm System

Wired alarm systems are your basic burglar alarm. This system uses a low-voltage electrical circuit that flows between two points throughout the doorways and windows or other entry points.

Wireless Alarm System

Wireless alarm systems use a control panel and a series of sensors that are connected with built-in radio frequency transmitters. Once you alarm system is triggered, a signal is transmitted to the control panel and the alarm is activated.

Unmonitored Alarm System

Unmonitored systems are typically a cheaper option compared to monitored systems. However, unmonitored systems don’t provide the same level of protection as monitored systems because even if you have alarm alerts sent directly to your phone, you may be unable to respond due to bad cellular reception, or because you’re away from your phone.

Monitored Alarm System

Having a trusted professional looking out for you is always comforting. With a monitored home alarm system, comfort is what you will get.

Electric Fencing

From intruder detection at residential areas to animal fencing on farms.

Fiber Optic Installations


We provide quality splicing services, bundled with our other services, to create a turnkey solution to meet the client’s needs.

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